Web Development Free Quiz Certificate | HTML Basics Quiz Certificate 2021

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Welcome Learners, Again we come with new opportunity for you to reprogrammed your mind in Web Development Free Certification Online Quiz , HTML Basics Quiz Certificate 2021. This Online Quiz Competition 2021, will rewind your all basic concepts of HTML. Grab this opportunity as soon as possible and register yourself.

About Web Development

Web Development is the work to develop Websites or create Web app. And Web Development includes many technology stack such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. where, HTML is the skeleton or structure of any website. Without HTML, it is not possible to make any website. HTML is the first thing that we use to create the overall structure of our Website.

About HTML

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language is standard Markup Language for documents designed to be displayed in web browser. HTML focused on building the blueprint of any web page or website. It contains many text, elements, html tags, anchor tags, images, audio, video, etc.

Features of HTML
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Most User Friendly
  • Free and simple to edit
  • Used with most of the programming language for making blueprint
  • It is supported in all browsers or platform independent.
  • Light Weight

The <html> tag tells the browser that HTML documents are created. Html documents are enclosed with opening and closing <html> </html> tags.

The <head> tags represent the header of the HTML documents inside the <html> tags, and <head> tag is linked with <title> and <link> tags.

Then comes the <body> tags, it is the content of any web page contains paragraph, images, audio, videos, anchor tags, bold, italic, break, form, table tags, etc.

Some Concepts about Tags:

<!DOCTYPE html> => Its not a tag or element, it is just an instruction which tells the browser that we have started html document.

<a> It is called anchor tags used for hyperlinking or just connect on page to another.

<b> This tag is used to present written text in bold.

<p> It is a paragraph Tag.

<i> This tag is use to display the written text in italic.

Kindly Register for HTML Basics Quiz Competition and start giving quiz, you will also get certificate after completion of this Quiz. It is available on W3 Docs. Apply Link is given below. In W3 docs, many quizzes are there to participate which is totally free and you will also get certificate for every quiz you will participate.

Quiz NameHTML Basic Quiz
PlatformW3 Docs
Quiz ModeOnline Quiz Competition
BenefitsGet Verified Certificate

Ideally, this article will be helpful for you to think about the HTML Online Quiz Competition 2021 for the mindfulness towards reprogrammed your mind and revised you HTML Basic concepts by testing your knowledge. On the off chance that this article incredibly helped you in any capacity, try to impart it to your companions via web-based media and let them additionally think about this stunning preparing. You can likewise look at our other Quizzes. In this way, be with us folks we will share a lot of Quizzes for you which will help you in developing your profession, and follow our Letscode1 Blog for extra most recent updates concerning new position posts, opening, and temporary jobs.

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