State Level Online Quiz Competition 2021 | Environment & Sustainability Quizzing Challenge

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Hello Readers, this post is to inform you about the Free Online State Level Quiz Competition for everyone. On June 5th, World Environment Day is commemorated to raise awareness about environmental conservation. Let’s take a quiz to learn more about World Environment Day. The environment is god gifted, it is called nature and we are living with nature, so it’s our responsibility to protect our nature or environment from different types of pollution, deforestation, etc that we used to harm our environment for our needs.

About this Quiz Competition

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) & the Department of Information Technology are inviting everyone to participate in the ‘State Level Quiz Competition on Environment and Sustainability’. This quiz competition is conducted in view to create awareness among society, individuals, about the beautiful environment with lots of trees and pollution-free and cleanliness environment which also protect you and your family from various pollution, harmful diseases which spreading because of unclean and tidy environment. And as a responsible citizen, you have to take responsibility for the cleanliness and a pollution-free environment.

In this State level Quiz competition, you will get Multiple Choice Type Questions(MCQs) on the basis of Environment and sustainability. And all questions are compulsory to attempt. Participants will be eligible for a certificate if they will score more than 50% in this quiz contest. And they will get a certificate in their mail id within 3-5 working days.

What is the definition of environmental sustainability?

The obligation to conserve natural resources and maintain global ecosystems in order to support health and wellbeing today and in the future is known as environmental sustainability. Because many decisions that affect the environment have a long-term impact, one of the most important aspects of environmental sustainability is its forward-thinking nature. Indeed, the United States Environmental Protection Agency defines it as “filling today’s requirements without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to fulfill their own.”

Environmental Sustainability and Economic Growth

Companies have a strong social duty to pursue ecologically friendly practices, but these practices do not have to conflict with corporate objectives. In fact, well-implemented environmental sustainability should link profits with people and the environment.

We now understand that unlimited consumption has a considerable negative impact on human welfare. As our GDP rises, so does our energy consumption, resulting in increasingly polluted landscapes and depleted natural resources. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a successful and long-term business. Some growth works in step with sustainability. Renewable energy companies represent a source of new jobs. Profit margins can be increased by using less energy and plastic in manufacturing. This approach necessitates a long-term perspective and consideration of environmental implications incorporate cost-benefit assessments, but attaining this connection is an investment in a future economy that can prosper.

Kindly Participate in this Quiz Competition which is totally free of cost for everyone to test your knowledge about how well you know about your Environment.

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