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Hello Folks, Today we come up with an amazing opportunity to get you a Free Certificate online by just participating in Online Quiz Competition on Six Sigma. You have an opportunity to get a Six Sigma Free Online Certification. You have an opportunity to test your knowledge, and enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills up to the highest level.

About this Online Quiz Competition

SANKAR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS), SANKAR NAGAR, TIRUNELVELI-627357 is a Polytechnic and Engineering college, is cordially inviting all
EEE/PRODUCTION/AUTOMOBILE/E&I/PETROCHEMICAL/AERO/MECH Department faculties and students to participate in this Online Quiz Competition on “Six Sigma” and build up their knowledge.

E-Certificates will be mailed to all participants who receive 40% or higher on the exam and will be sent to their registered E-mail address.

The participants will not be charged a registration fee.

Anyone can take part.

There are only a hundred appreciation certificates available per day for participants. Certificates for participants may not be generated after the number has been reached. In that case, please attempt the Quiz again on the following days.

About Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology that gives businesses the tools they need to optimize their business operations. This improvement in performance and reduction in process variation helps to reduce defects and boost earnings, staff morale, and product or service quality.

Six Sigma quality refers to a process that is well-controlled (between process limitations of 3s from the centerline in a control chart and requirements/tolerance limits of 6s from the centerline).

The following definitions for Six Sigma have been presented, however, they all have some similar threads:

  • The utilization of well-defined projects given to teams with a direct influence on the organization’s bottom line.
  • Training in “statistical thinking” at all levels, as well as advanced statistics and project management training for essential personnel. These key individuals are referred to as “Black Belts.” Examine the many Six Sigma belts, levels, and responsibilities available.
  • The DMAIC problem-solving approach is emphasised: define, measure, analyse, improve, and control.
  • A managerial culture that encourages these endeavours as a business strategy.

Philosophy: Six Sigma views all work as processes that can be defined, monitored, analyzed, improved, and controlled from a philosophical standpoint. Processes need inputs (x) and outputs (y) (y). You can control the outputs if you control the inputs. This is usually written as y = f. (x).

Set of Tools: Six Sigma experts utilize a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches or tools to enhance processes. Statistical process control (SPC), control charts, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and process mapping are examples of such techniques. Professionals in the field of Six Sigma disagree on which tools make up the set.

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