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Gandhi In Me Pledge

Take pledge “Gandhi In Me” and follow his non-violence path always to face any situation calmly without any violent action. Take a pledge to follow Mahatma Gandhi Guidelines to become successful in your life.

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Pledge For Peace & Communal Harmony

» We shall support truth without fear or prejudice.

» We shall oppose all forms of communalism, casteism, and chauvinism.

» We shall rise above religion, caste, creed, community, language, or gender and respect one another on grounds of our common humanity.

Mahatma Gandhi Swachhta Pledge (Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan)

  • Mahatma Gandhi envisioned an India that was not only free but also clean and prosperous.
  • Mother India gained independence thanks to Mahatma Gandhi.
  • It is now our responsibility to serve Mother India by keeping the country clean and tidy.
  • I swear that I will maintain my commitment to cleanliness and devote time to it.
  • because of this
  • I plan to volunteer 100 hours every year, or two hours per week, for a good cause.
  • cleanliness.
  • I will not litter, nor will I allow others to litter.
  • My quest for cleanliness will begin with myself, my family, my neighborhood, and my village as well as my workplace
  • I believe that countries that appear clean do so because their residents are clean.
  • I shall spread the message of the Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns with this deep belief.
  • I will persuade 100 more people to make the same commitment that I am making now.
  • I’ll try to persuade them to spend their 100 hours cleaning.
  • I am convinced that every step I take toward cleanliness will contribute to the cleanliness of my country.

About Mahatma Gandhi (महात्मा गांधी)

Mahatma Gandhi, or Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is widely regarded as the Father of the Nation. Gandhi was a social reformer and the leader of the Indian Independence Movement who popularized the concept of Satyagrah, or nonviolent resistance.

Gandhi was born in Gujarat and went to the Inner Temple in London to study law. In 1915, he returned to India after organizing a civil disobedience movement for Indians living in South Africa. In India, he embarked on a rail journey across the country, attempting to comprehend the issues of farmers, peasants, and urban laborers and organizing protests on their behalf.

He became the most prominent leader of the Indian National Congress and an iconic figure in Indian politics after taking over as its head in 1921.

In 1930, he organized the Dandi Salt March, and in 1942, the Quit India Movement.

He also campaigned for the upliftment of untouchables, giving them the name ‘Harijan,’ which means “God’s children.”

Gandhi also wrote for several newspapers, and his self-reliance symbol, the spinning wheel, became a prominent symbol of the Indian Independence Movement. Gandhi was instrumental in calming the populace and preventing Hindu-Muslim rioting as tensions grew prior to and during the country’s partition.

On January 31, 1948, he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse.

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