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Hello Tech Learners, Today we come with new opportunity for all students to test your knowledge in the field Income Tax Services. Recently, Online Income Tax Quiz Competition is organized by D.R.K.College of Commerce, Kolhapur.

This Quiz Competition is specially for B.Com students, and this quiz/exam is totally based on Advanced Accountancy Paper IV( Income Tax) By Dr. Supriya Chougule. This Online Quiz Competition is totally free of cost and also you will get verified certificate after completiion of this quiz but you need to score minimum 40% to pass this Quiz test, after that only you will get certificate. And you can attempt this test only once.

About Income Tax-

Income tax is an immediate or direct tax that an administration demands on the pay of its residents. The Income Tax Act, 1961, commands that the focal government gather this expense. The public authority can change the pay pieces and duty rates each year in its Union Budget.

Pay doesn’t just mean cash acquired as pay. It additionally incorporates pay from house property, benefits from business, gains from calling (like reward), capital increases pay, and ‘pay from different sources’. The public authority additionally frequently gives certain slack to such an extent that different allowances are produced using a person’s pay before the expense to be collected is determined.

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns (ITR) structure are the premise of computing an individual’s personal tax. It’s anything but an explanation showing the situation with an individual, every one of their wellsprings of income, derivations and, in conclusion, the assessment payable or duty discount, assuming any.

Income Tax Slabs

What income tax rate an individual pays relies upon the section they fall in. The public authority has ordered livelihoods into chunks like — up to Rs 250,000, Rs 250,000-Rs 5,00,000, Rs 5,00,000-Rs 1 million, and more than Rs 1 million. The rates on various sections may be diverse dependent on age gatherings.

Standard deduction

Tax on certain segments of pay can be deferred by the public authority. These expense reliefs are known as standard allowances.

About Advanced Accountancy in B.Com-

B.Com in Advanced Accountancy is a three-year UG course in the field of trade. The course work bargains in the investigation of bookkeeping tasks, designs, unfamiliar cash activities, and so on B.Com in Advanced Accountancy is the right decision for those wishing to become bookkeeping and evaluating experts.

Understudies additionally will find out about cutting edge monetary bookkeeping, rent contracts, annuity reserves, and so forth Subsequent to finishing the course, competitors can land pertinent position open doors in the field of Real Estate Finance, Finance Sector, Auditing office, and so forth.

About Advanced Financial Accounting

Advanced Financial Accounting is intended to give you monetary revealing and business abilities that are relevant in a worldwide expert climate. The subject depends on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), which are given by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Numerous global locales have embraced or are continuously receiving the IFRSs.

Advanced Financial Accounting gives data to corporate authority. Individuals from the bookkeeping calling with monetary detailing abilities and information give business guidance to board chiefs, investigators, investors, leasers, partners and different partners. Individuals from the bookkeeping calling who give confirmation administrations to monetary reports likewise require a decent comprehension of the IFRSs. Chiefs are additionally needed to express that the fiscal reports are genuinely expressed. These models support the significance of Advanced Financial Accounting.

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