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Hello Readers, Here is an interesting quiz on Biotechnology and its applications. This is an important topic for various competitive exams. This Biotechnology quiz Questions Answers online helps you to improve your ability to attend real-time biology. This quiz test is a self-evaluation test. Get NSS Free Government Certificate by taking this quiz.

About National Level Quiz On Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

BY PADALA THIRUPATHI Asst.Professor, Department of Botany & NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME, GOVT. DEGREE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, JAGTIAL, TELANGANA STATE, INDIA is organizing National Level Online Quiz Competition 2022 for students who want to test their knowledge with biotechnology quiz questions.

Advance Your Career With A Medical School Certificate, by participating in the National Level Online Quiz Competition.

Important Points About Biotechnology and Its Applications

Biotechnology is a branch of applied biology that includes using living organisms and bio processors in engineering, technology, medicine, and other industries that require bioproducts. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is one whose genetic material has been transformed through the use of genetic engineering. Pest resistance, herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, cold, drought, salt, and heat tolerance, as well as the enhanced nutritional content of food, such as vitamin A enriched rice, are all features of GM plants. – Importing pest resistance by the modern biotech method of transferring a gene from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) into a target plant is currently regarded as one of the most advanced applications of biotechnology.

Biotechnology has developed procedures such as gene therapy, recombinant DNA technology, and polymerase chain reaction, which employ genes and DNA molecules to diagnose diseases and replace damaged genes or DNA with new and healthy ones. In broad terms, gene therapy is defined as “the introduction of a normal functional gene into cells in order to replace a defective or altered gene.”

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