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Hello Peers, if you are looking to enhance your skill and knowledge related to Medical terminologies or about Medical Laboratory Management systems and AIDS Awareness, then you are at the right post expand.

Today we come along with Aids Awareness Programme, National Level Quiz Competition 2022 for everyone. In this Quiz contest, you will get Multiple Choice Questions on Aids and Medical related terms.

Statistics tell us that the world HIV+ population has risen drastically from 8 million in 1990 to a whopping 33 million in 2007! Even more alarming is the fact that young people (below the age of 25) account for half of these infections! This is adequate proof for the lack of awareness among the general public even in these modern times. So take our quiz and brush up on the essential facts of HIV/AIDS.

About HIV/AIDS Awareness

Are you wondering, why should all companies present HIV/AIDS awareness courses? Why is it so important especially in the work environment? If YES, then look at the 5 reasons or importance of AIDS Awareness:

  • These classes urge your employees to get evaluated and find out where they stand. The more information your firm and individual employees have about their situation, the more aid and better help they can provide.
  • People are more cautious as a result of increased awareness about safe practices for preventing HIV infection, which lowers infection rates.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness programmes educate individuals on the various levels of care and treatment available to them, whether they are living with HIV or caring for someone who is.
  • These courses allow businesses to invest in their communities by raising awareness and training their employees, who then pass on their knowledge to their neighbours. These workshops also assist affected employees in learning how to live with HIV/AIDS and contribute positively to the cause.
  • They help co-workers understand how to work together with HIV infected people, as a unit and not to stereo type or discriminate against those. These programmes help everyone to understand the disease, to boost staff morale and create better employer/employee relationships.

About AIDS Awareness Quiz

Library and Alumni Committee of ZSCT’s Thakur Shyamnarayan Degree College, Mumbai, Maharashtra celebrates World AIDS Day in view to increase HIV/Aids Awareness among people and individuals. This helps people to take precautions and cure to save their life. Helps people and individuals to be protected from various harmful Diseases.

This organized National Quiz Competition. And after completion of this Quiz, you will get Free Certificates.

About World Aids Day

The world observes World AIDS Day every year on 1st December. People from all around the world have come together to demonstrate their support for HIV-positive people and others who have been touched by the disease, as well as to mourn those who have died as a result of AIDS.

UNAIDS is emphasizing the urgent need to address the disparities that fuel AIDS and other pandemics around the world on World AIDS Day.

Without aggressive action to address disparities, the world risks missing the 2030 AIDS targets, as well as a long-term COVID-19 pandemic and a spiraling social and economic crisis.

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