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Hello Peers, Today we come along with a biggest Online Quiz Competition with Free Certificate. There is a Great Opportunity for you to participate in National Level Online Quiz Competition 2021 and this is totally free of cost✅✅✅ for everyone and any one can participate in this Online Quiz Competition 2021.

About this E-Quiz Competition-

National Level E-Quiz Contest on “Digital Literacy” is recently organized by the management of Bell Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology for people to raise awareness about the benefits of Digital Skills in this modern era.

Quiz Name Digital Literacy
LevelNational Level Online Quiz Competition 2021
CertificateYes E-Certificate if you will score 50% and above

Digital literacy refers to a person’s capacity to find, assess, and clearly transmit information on a variety of digital platforms using typing and other media.

The primary goal of this competition is to improve and measure your digital skills.

More Details About Digital Literacy-

As we are well aware of the fact that how the latest technology, or digital technology, or digital gadgets affecting our world rapidly. All people, society are engaging more and more towards the Digital World.

As we know, Being in a Digital World, or using and habituated by Digital Technologies and latest gadgets is both useful and harmful for us. It just depends on ourselves, how we are utilizing these new technologies.

So, Digital Literacy is what which teaches us to utilizing latest technologies in a useful and limited manner. And make us aware about the pros and cons about this Digital World technologies.

As we know, In India, the most literacy rate is found in Kerala, approx 96.2% literacy rate is there in Kerala, a survey by the National Statistical Office has revealed.

Why Digital Literacy is more important for Kids?

It is critical to teach children digital literacy skills. Kids must be able to comprehend the technology they use in order to use it safely and efficiently. It takes more than knowing how to take a picture or update your Facebook status to be digitally literate. Understanding technology and how to use it effectively is referred to as digital literacy.

Examples of Digital Literacy-

Understanding how to showcase learning via web browsers, search engines, email, text, wikis, blogs, Photoshop, Powerpoint, video creation/editing software, and other tools. Evaluating the accuracy and reliability of information found on the internet.

4 Principles of Digital Literacy-

  • Comprehension
    The ability to extract implicit and explicit ideas from a media is simply the basic fundamental of digital literacy.
  • Interdependence
    Interdependence is the second principle of digital literacy, which describes how one media type interacts with another, whether symbolically, ideally, or physically. Little media is made with the intention of isolating its audience, and publishing is now easier than ever. Due to the vast amount of media available, it is essential that media formats not only coexist, but also complement one another.
  • Social Factors-
    Sharing is no longer merely a means of expressing oneself or disseminating information; it may also generate its own messages. Who distributes what with whom and through what channels determines not only the media’s long-term success, but also the organic ecosystems of sourcing, sharing, storing, and finally repackaging it.
  • Curation-
    Overt storage of favourite content through platforms like pinterest, pearltrees, pocket, and others is one method of “saving to read later.” However, when a video is collected in a YouTube channel, a poem is turned into a blog post, or an infographic is pinned to pinterest or saved on a learnist board, that is also a form of literacy–the ability to recognise the value of information and store it in a way that makes it accessible and useful in the long run.


This post should help you better understand the National Level Online Quiz Competition on Digital Literacy in 2021. This will aid you in better understanding and clarifying your key ideas about Digital Technologies and Latest Gadgets or emerging technologies, which are common in this modern era. If you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends and on social media so that they can also participate in the Online Quiz Competition 2021. Keep an eye on this blog, LetsCode1, for more information on Internships, Job Opportunities, and Online Quiz Competitions.