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Quizzing is an art and a test of the intellect.

Hello Readers, this post is to inform everyone about the National Level Online Quiz Competition 2021, for students and professionals to enhance their technical skills, advance their knowledge in different modern technology, or emerging technology all over the world. Whoever wants to increase their technical knowledge in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science can participate in this Free Online Quiz Competition. Amazing opportunity to test your skills.

About this Online Quiz Competition

National Level E-Quiz is conducted by Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science(Autonomous), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in the view to raise awareness about the impacts of the latest gadgets and future technology all over the world. Nowadays, as we are seeing that all people are becoming dependent on the latest gadgets which are working through some bots, made using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a part of Data Science, the most in-demand skill.

National Level Quiz Competition based on “Clever Bots 21”, a chatbot web application that uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to have conversations with humans. This Quiz/test contains Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and all Questions are compulsory to attempt. And the participants will also get Free e-certificates who will score 40% and above. And the certificates will be mailed to your email-id so you must provide your current working mail id.

About Clever Bots

  • Clever Bots is one of the most innovative and amazing chatbots across the world. And it was made using Artificial Intelligence. Its a chatbot web application.
  • Cleverbot is a chatterbot online application that converses with humans using an AI algorithm and generates automated responses based on past interactions.
  • It once passed a test to assess how lifelike artificial intelligence could be by fooling people into believing it was human.
  • The Turing test was created by Alan Turing, a notable mathematician who helped break the Enigma code during WWII.
  • Cleverbot isn’t built to handle logical responses; instead, it’s supposed to mimic human conversation.
  • Cleverbot was assessed to be 59.3% human, considerably above expectations, according to the results of 1,334 votes.
  • The humans at the event, on the other hand, only managed to persuade 63.3 percent of the participants that they were real.
We encourage students to participate in this quiz content to enhance their knowledge and skill in the field of computers. The quiz shall be awarded an e-certificate for participation.


Is Cleverbot a girl or boy?

Cleverbot is a Boy.

Is Cleverbot safe?

Yes, Cleverbot is 100% Safe.

Is Cleverbot getting smarter?

Despite the fact that Cleverbot passed the Turing test with a score of 59 percent, some experts say it is still a long way from artificial intelligence. according to my opinion No, despite passing the Turing test with a score of 59 percent, some experts say Cleverbot is still a long way from artificial intelligence.

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