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Hello Readers, this post is to inform you about the National Level Online Quiz Competition 2021 for everyone. Great opportunity for everyone to enhance their learning skills tests their knowledge on the basis of Digital Integrated Circuits. Play Quiz and build your General Knowledge. Best for Competitive Examinations and online quiz competition.

About this Quiz Competition

Dr.N.V.S.Suryanarayana President, Young Researchers Forum & Administrative Officer, Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram recently launched National Level free Online Quiz Competition on “Basics of Digital Integrated Circuits” and invites you to actively participate in this Online Quiz Competition 2021.

Who can Participate in this E-Quiz?

Students, Teachers, Research Scholars, NGOs, and others can easily participate in this Free Online National Level Quiz Competition.

Who are eligible to get Certificates?

The participants will get an E-Certificate after securing 40% of marks.

Quiz NameNational Level Online Quiz Competition
Organized By Central Tribal University
Quiz TopicDigital Integrated Circuits

About Digital Integrated Circuits

A digital microprocessor is a digital circuit constructed utilizing a mix of logic functions. An integrated circuit is included in the microprocessor package.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

An electronic circuit or device with electronic components on a tiny semiconductor chip is known as an integrated circuit. It has logic AND or signal amplification capabilities. Digital and Analog circuits are the two most common forms of circuits. Analog ICs deal with continuous signals like audio, while digital ICs deal with discrete signals like binary values.

Digital Integrated Circuit

Digital integrated circuit functions that handle discrete signals such as binary values using “true/false” logical processes. Basic Boolean operations such as AND, OR, and NOT are critical in the development of modern digital systems’ functionality. Transistors are used to implement these Boolean functions.

Digital circuits deal with signals that are constrained to the extremes of zero and some full value. Analog circuits, on the other hand, allow signals to change continuously between the constraints imposed by power supply voltage and circuit resistances. These circuits are used in digital computation and “true/false” logical processes.

IC (integrated circuit) components are used in the circuits in this chapter. Networks of interconnected components are fabricated on a single wafer of semiconducting material to make such components.

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