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Hello Learners, Today we come along with a great opportunity for everyone to participate in Free Online Quiz Competition 2021. If you want to test your mind on General Pathology, then come and do participate in this online quiz competition/ e-quiz. After completing and passing this test, you will get Free Verified Certificate, or government free certificate, or a medical certificate.

About this Quiz Competition

General Pathology Online Quiz Competition is launched by one of the government-affiliated university/ government college SRI GURU RAM DAS INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH AND ASSOCIATION, an ISO certified organization.

What is General Pathology?

In general pathology, all sorts/aspects of pathology are included. Diagnose and treatment of disease is accomplished through the use of laboratory medicine and diagnostic techniques, including patient examination. A general pathologist’s knowledge of disease is vast.

Laboratory tests and their diagnostic value are discussed, along with their pathophysiology and diagnostic value. Its workings are a mystery.

Anatomists, biochemists, and physiologists must be familiar with the anatomical, biochemical, and physiological methods of a healthy human body, as well as the mechanisms that fail during disease. Knowledge and experience of limits of investigative processes, measurement, and diagnostic techniques’ pitfalls are also essential. In many cases, they are responsible for managing laboratories, assuring the quality of results, and offering diagnostic services and guidance to clinicians.

The following are some of the possible tasks and responsibilities of a general pathologist:

  • As a supervising pathologist in a small area hospital or a branch laboratory of a large private practice;
  • Sharing duties with other general or specialist pathologists in a district hospital or medium-sized private practice;
  • Working in a teaching hospital or large private practice, either as a general pathologist in one or more departments.

What is Clinical Pathology?

Clinical pathology encompasses a wide range of laboratory procedures. It is concerned with the detection, treatment, and prevention of disease. Clinical pathologists are specialists in the field of medicine. They are frequently in charge of the lab’s various particular departments. This could include things like:

  • Blood donation centre
  • Chemistry and biology in clinical practise
  • Toxicology
  • Hematology
  • Immunology and serology are two fields of study.
  • Microbiology

Maintenance of information systems, research, and quality control are all part of clinical pathology.

A clinical pathologist may be in charge of a hospital’s blood bank. Blood and blood products are collected and processed as part of this process. Other responsibilities could include investigating the reasons for transfusion reactions and ensuring transplant tissue compatibility.

Pathology also includes the following sub-disciplines:

  • Anatomic pathology is the study of the structure of the body. Tissues, organs, and cancers are all studied in this field.
  • Cytopathology: The study of cellular changes and all things cellular.
  • Forensic pathology is the study of forensic disease. Autopsies and legal pathology testing are performed.
  • Molecular Pathology: DNA and RNA sequencing, genes, and genetics are all studied in this field.
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