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Hello Perks, Today we come along with the New Online Quiz Competition which is based On the truth and non-violence Life Of Mahatma Gandhi. We have to be proud that we are living in Gandhi’s society, Gandhi’s world.

International Quiz Competition On ‘Life Of Mahatma Gandhi’ is organized by GANDHIAN STUDY CENTER (UGC SPONSORED), LOKNETE VYANKATRAO HIRAY ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE COLLEGE, NASHIK for everyone to get acquainted with the Gandhiji’s truth and non-violence lifestyle.

About Mahatma Gandhi and his Life History

Mahatma Gandhi, also known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was a preeminent leader of Indian nationalism and a prophet of nonviolence in the twentieth century. He was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, India, and died on January 30, 1948, in Delhi.

Gandhi grew up in a religious family and took religious tolerance and the ahimsa ideology for granted (noninjury to all living beings). He studied law in England from 1888 to 1891 before moving to South Africa in 1893 to work for an Indian firm. He became a powerful campaigner for Indian rights there.

In 1906, he put his nonviolent opposition strategy, satyagraha, into practice for the first time. His achievements in South Africa earned him an international reputation, and when he returned to India in 1915, he became the leader of a nationwide movement for Indian independence within a few years. By 1920, Gandhi had amassed a level of power in India that no other political leader had ever possessed.

In 1920–22, 1930–34 (including his historic march to the sea to collect salt to protest a government monopoly), and 1940–42, Gandhi reshaped the Indian National Congress into an effective political weapon of Indian nationalism and engaged in important campaigns of nonviolent resistance. In the 1930s, he focused on teaching rural India and worked to remove discrimination against India’s lower-caste “untouchables” (Dalits; formally recognized as Scheduled Castes).

In 1947, India was granted dominion status, but Gandhi was disappointed by the partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan, as he had long advocated for Hindu-Muslim unity. In September 1947, he fasted to put a halt to unrest in Calcutta (Kolkata). Gandhi, often known as the Mahatma (“Great-Souled”), had won the love and loyalty of millions. A teenage Hindu zealot shot and killed him in January 1948.

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