International Yoga Day Quiz | Free Quiz Certification 2021 (for Class 6th to 8th Students)

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Hello students, Today we come with new opportunity for school students who are studying from Class 6 to Class 8. Free Online Certification Quiz Competition on the occasion of “International Yoga Day” conducted by the Library of K. V. No.1 Roorkee. Great opportunity for school going students from Class 6 to Class 8, grab this opportunity with verified certificate from one of the best School of Roorkee.

About International Yoga Day:

International Yoga Day celebrated on June 21, every year worldwide to impower and encourage individuals about the benefits of Yoga and their health. International Yoga Day commends the physical and profound ability that yoga has brought to the world stage. While it is a significant derivation of activity and intelligent action millions participate and apply systematically. For some, these schedules are an approach to associate the body physically and mentally and soul in a way that has existed for quite a long time. Yoga provides a inner peace.

The father of an Yoga is Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, an Indian Yoga teacher at ancient time. Frequently alluded to as “The Father of present Yoga Day,” Krishnamacharya is broadly viewed as perhaps the most persuasive yoga instructors of the twentieth century.

Yoga is examined as the obsolete practice which brings the mind, body and soul into illumination. It is ancient practice that has originated 5000 years ago. Any age group people can practice it for getting inner peace and tranquility in their life. It relaxes your mind, body and helps you to eliminate anger, anxiety, reducing stress, weight loss, etc.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga stretches’ your muscles, increase flexibility and strength.
  • Yoga helps in reducing stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy, etc.
  • Yoga provides us mental peace.
  • Yoga helps in loosing weight and reducing belly fats.
  • Yoga helps in increasing height.
  • Yoga helps in reducing lower back pain.
  • Yoga improves sleep.
  • Yoga helps us to protect from many health issues.
  • Yoga improves the quality of our life.


Hopefully, this article will be useful for you to consider the International Yoga Day Online Quiz Competition 2021 for the care towards your health both physically and mentally. If this article staggeringly helped you in any way, attempt to grant it to your colleagues by means of electronic media and let them moreover consider this dazzling getting ready. You can in like manner take a gander at our other Quizzes. Thusly, be with us parents we will share a ton of Quizzes for you which will help you in fostering your calling, and follow our Letscode1 Blog for extra latest updates concerning new position posts, opening, and brief positions.

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