International Quiz On Yoga Day And World Music Day 2022 | VIVEK VEER WELFARE SOCIETY Free Certificate

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Hello Friends, Welcome To Today We Come Along With A New Opportunity To Get a Vivek Welfare Society Free Certificate By Participating In Quiz On International Yoga Day & World Music Day.

International Quiz On Yoga Day And World Music Day 2022

As you all know, International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June, and World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June. So, in order to encourage people to participate in yoga and music, we have decided to organize a quiz on these two topics. The quiz will be conducted online on google form (the form link is shared below) and the results will be declared soon.

The aim of this quiz is to create awareness about yoga and music among the people and also to promote these two healthy activities. This quiz is open for all aged 18 years and above. There are no entry fees for the quiz.

The winners of the quiz will be given a free certificate from the Vivek Welfare Society. So, what are you waiting for? Participate in the quiz and win exciting prizes!

The Vivek Welfare Society has organized an International Yoga Day 2022 and World Music Day with the motive to Integrate and Employ Youth. This is the best opportunity for you to learn yoga and music with your friends and family members. Participation in this event is just for a cause ie. social integration of youth, and unity of people. You will get a chance to know new people from various parts of the world and make your life tension free.


WMD is a celebration of the intersection of music and technology. This year, we’re celebrating on June 21st. There will be a number of events and initiatives happening in honor of the day, but you can also organize something in your community. To help support you, we’ll have dedicated themes in our app. You can use these themes to organize an event or activity to celebrate WMD in your community. If you have an event, we’ll feature it in our app and share it on social media channels.

The history of World Music Day dates back to the early 1980s when a French holiday known as Fête de la Musique was created. The holiday was designed to promote music education and appreciation, and it quickly caught on in other countries around the world. In recent years, World Music Day has become an increasingly global event, with celebrations taking place in dozens of countries on every continent.

Despite its relatively short history, World Music Day has already had a significant impact on the music industry. The holiday provides a unique opportunity for musicians to come together and celebrate their craft, and it also serves as a reminder of the power of music to bring people from all walks of life together. In a world that is often divided by conflict and disagreement, World Music Day is a powerful reminder of the potential for music to unite us all.

As we head into the future, it is clear that World Music Day will only continue to grow in popularity and significance. So whether you’re a musician yourself or just someone who loves listening to music, be sure to mark June 21st on your calendar and join in the celebration!

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