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Hello Friends, Welcome to LetsCode1. Today we come up with a new opportunity to get you a free e-certification from the government, WHO ( World Health Organization) Free Certificate, or a free medical certificate by just participating in one International Quiz Competition.

This is mental health quiz-free online competition, or you can say the depression and anxiety test.

We have been well aware of mental health problems. Many people are facing the stress of depression and anxiety. These are the issues that cause levels of distress or impairment in personal functioning in various areas of life. To shed some light on this problem, the Blog article holds an international quiz to make aware people of mental health, stress, and depression. The participants will also face some practical problems on depression tests for teens and be rated by the doctors. This event is organized by Blogger India Quiz Team.


International Quiz will be held on this week. This is a mental health awareness quiz. This is open to everyone who likes to take part in it.

The MCQs will be based on topics related to stress, depression, and managing stress. Most MCQs of this quiz will be taken from famous psychology books or published articles by psychologists.

The questions will be related to stress management and depression so it must be very useful for all the participants and maximize learning and also must help them to a stress-free lifestyle.

Mental health, stress, and depression are important topics that many people face. While it is difficult to accurately diagnose or understand these problems, it is clear that they can have a major impact on someone’s life. For this reason, the Blog article team is holding an international quiz on mental health. This event will help to raise awareness about these issues and allow participants to learn more about how to cope with them. In addition, doctors will be on hand to provide advice and support.

The Blog article team’s international quiz on mental health will help raise awareness about these important issues. Depression and anxiety can cause major impairments in someone’s life, so it is crucial to learn more about how to manage these problems. The event will provide practical advice from doctors on how to deal with mental health challenges. In addition, the quiz will help participants better understand the causes and effects of stress and depression.

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