International Online Quiz Competition 2021 on English Literature | Free Quiz With Free Certificates

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Wanna Crack the UGC NET exam or any competitive exam? Or simply Wanna test your knowledge of English Literary? If you are looking for these types of contests or searching for English Literature Questions to test your mind, then guys, you are at the right place and definitely the right post.

Hello Folks, Today we come along with a good piece of news about the International Online Quiz Competition organized for everyone for free of cost, as English Literature is a part of our life. Great opportunity to test your knowledge and gain some extra skills and advance your English Literary.

International Online Quiz Competition on English Literature

International Online Quiz Contest on English Literature is organized by Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce, The Department of English and Post Graduate Center in the view to celebrate or as a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of this college. This quiz contest is organized for everyone to help students to get some knowledge of English Literature.

This Quiz Contest will be a bunch of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) or Objective Questions and like a practice set for competitive exams. All questions are compulsory to attempt. And after completion of this Quiz Contest, you will get Free Certificates if you score well.

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What types of Questions you will get?

The Old English Period, Middle English Period (Chaucer and His Contemporaries), Elizabethan Period, Jacobean Period, Caroline Period, Restoration Period, Romantic Age, Victorian Age, Modern Period, Post-Modern Period, Contemporary Period, Literary Terms (Rhetoric and Prosody), and Literary Theory and Criticism are all covered in this quiz. American Literature, Indian Writing in English (Indian English Literature), African Literature, Canadian Literature, Commonwealth Literature, Cultural Studies, and other parts of English Literature (Non-British Literature) are all covered here. So, test or enhance your English skills.

Benefits of Participating in this Quiz Contest

These practice test questions are very helpful for those students who are going to appear in competitive exams based on English Literature.

About English Literature

Because of its wide character and various graduate prospects, English Literature is one of the most popular majors in colleges and universities in the United States, with a large number of students entering every year. However, because English Literature is such a large field of study, many prospective students are unsure what an English Literature degree entails. This article describes what an English Literature degree entails and what opportunities it can provide graduates.

The study of works published in the English language from all around the world is known as English Literature. You will learn how to examine a variety of texts and write eloquently in a variety of styles if you pursue an English Literature degree. Literature encompasses a wide range of texts, including novels, nonfiction, poetry, and plays, among others. Literature, on the other hand, is a contentious concept, as new modes of communication offer a diverse range of current literature.

Why Literature has so much Importance in any student’s life or career?

Literature is defined as books and works that are published on a certain topic and have enduring value. This quiz provides you with a variety of Literature Questions and Answers in which we have supplied some names of books, autobiographies, and writers that may be questioned in various exams such as SSC, State Services, and others, as well as increasing your understanding of the subject.

Literature is a reflection of society. It is a type of imaginative poetry and prose marked by the authors’ objectives as well as the perceived aesthetic brilliance of their execution. Language, national origin, historical period, genre, and topic matter are all systems that can be used to categorize it.

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