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Free Information Technology Course | Best Free Online Course In India For Everyone | Foundations Of Information Technology

About Information Technology Course

Information technology (IT) can be described as a system, consisting of a collection of separate components that work together to achieve a common goal. There are systems all over the place. The respiratory, circulatory, neurological, and other subsystems of the body, for example, all work together to keep humans alive. IT is similar in that it is made up of different subsystems that all work together to achieve a shared purpose. Information Technology Foundations will look at how IT may help a company achieve its goals and vision, resulting in increased revenue, profits, and productivity.

The course will look at the many components of information technology and how they operate together as a system to support various elements of an organization. The course will go through several types of software, including operating systems, programming, and databases. The structure of computers and their peripherals will be explored as hardware components. The course will place a strong emphasis on the role of people, detailing which responsibilities are required for the IT system to run efficiently and successfully.

The numerous administrative positions, the approaches employed by personnel tasked with designing new systems, and the ethical considerations that individuals engaged with IT must consider are all covered in this section. In IT, as in many other systems, the disparate components must be brought together to achieve a single aim. Networking, which includes the essential components of hardware, software, and users, allows for this integration. Many areas of an organization are supported and improved by IT, including internal and external communication, resource sharing, cross-departmental integration, information management, security of organization and employee information, and adherence to ethical principles.

What Does This Course Include?
  •  00:00:00 Hours On demand videos
  • 1 Lessons
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Created by Karan Arora

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What’re you gonna learn in this Course?
  • The significance of information technology systems in transforming data into organisational knowledge
  • The principles of software creation and the importance of various forms of software in a computing environment
  • Basic computer hardware components and their functions
  • Networks are defined by their structure, function, and security.
  • Common software architectures, development approaches, and the software-environment relationship
  • How data and information technology may help organisations succeed by fostering collaboration and creativity.
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