Robotics Quiz Competition | Free Quiz With Free Certificate in 2021

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Hello Peers, this post is to inform you about the Online Quiz Competition 2021 on the subject of Robotics. Here you have a chance to get a free certificate. Great opportunity to test your mind in the field of Robotics, one of the emerging technologies nowadays.

This Quiz Competition is totally free of cost for everyone, every Robotics Enthusiasts or learner must participate in this Online Quiz Competition 2021.

Quiz For Polytechnic consists of MCQs questions on the basis of Robotics, and after completion of this test, you will get your E-Certificate, no matter how much you score. For getting the free certificate, just you need to provide your valid E-Mail Address. Your e-certificate will be sent to you via your email address.

About Robotics-

Robotics is a field that combines science, engineering, and technology to create devices called robots that do (or mimic) human behaviors. Robots have long been a source of fascination in popular culture. Optimus Prime, R2-D2. WALL-E.

These exaggerated, humanoid robot designs sometimes appear to be caricatures of the actual thing…or are they more foresighted than we realize? Robots are developing cognitive and mechanical skills that do not rule out the potential of an R2-D2-like machine in the future.

What is Robot?

A robot is a product of the robotics industry, which involves the creation of programmable devices that can help people or replicate their behaviors. Robots were originally designed to perform repetitive jobs (such as producing automobiles on an assembly line), but they have since evolved to undertake duties such as fighting fires, cleaning houses, and aiding with extremely complex procedures.

Characteristics of Robot-

  • All robots are made up of some type of mechanical component. A robot’s mechanical aspect aids it in completing duties in the environment for which it was created. The wheels of the Mars 2020 Rover, for example, are independently powered and constructed of titanium tubing, allowing it to securely grasp the rough surface of Mars.
  • Electrical components are required by robots to control and power the gear. A significant majority of robots, in essence, require an electric current (for example, from a battery).
  • At least some amount of computer programming may be found in robots. A robot would be little more than a piece of simple equipment if it didn’t have a set of instructions directing it what to do. A robot’s capacity to know when and how to do a task is enhanced by programming it.

Uses of Robots-

Robotics is the study of the design, development, and use of machines (robots) to do activities that were previously performed by humans. Robots are frequently employed in sectors such as automotive manufacturing to do basic repetitive jobs, as well as in businesses where workers must work in dangerous settings.

5 Primary Fields of Robotics-

As the area of robotics becomes more advanced, a larger number of technicians will be needed to develop, program, and maintain robots and robotic systems. The complexity of these devices and systems has created five specialized fields within the subject of robotics, which is as follows: There are only five primary fields of Robotics-

  1. Operator interface
  2. Mobility or locomotion 
  3. Manipulators & Effectors
  4. Programming
  5. Sensing & Perception 


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