Free Quiz Certificate | Awareness Quiz on World Food Safety Day 2021

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Hello learners, today we come with a new opportunity with free certificate of Online Quiz competition on the Awareness of World Food Safety Day 2021, which are organized by BPHE Society’s Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Science Association. So, its a wonderful chance to induce free certificate online.

About World Food Safety Day 2021

World Food Safety Day(WFSD) celebrated on 7th June once a year to to lift the notice among the individuals about food safety. It is celebrated every year to draw an eye of individuals and encourage them to take require action regarding the unsafe food which causes several health problems.  It’s celebrated to create individuals aware and making certain safe food for a healthier tomorrow.

World Food Safety Day 2021 established a subject “Safe food Today For a Healthy Tomorrow”. This Forum evaluate the most prominent initiatives and efforts in Food Safety in local and regional areas. In the essence of contributing to sustainable development and growth, all individuals ought to take proper food security measures.

World Health Organization(WHO) contributed towards safety of food for the aim of the fact that the production and consumption of safe food have immediate and long-term benefits for every individuals, the economy growth and therefore the planet.

In 2021, World Health Organization(WHO) is particularly pointing out the risks related to unsafe consumption and harmful nutrients, by keeping in mind about the previous situation of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, that is believed to have begun spreading among humans a pair of years past from a ‘wet market’ in China’s Wuhan.

Why Food Safety is important?

To take safe, correct and hygienic food is the utmost importance in today’s world, due to this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we have got a tendency to accomplishing the right nutrients and taking hygienic food and the clean environment.

It helps the people to safeguard themselves from foodborne diseases and foodborne poisonings. Food poisoning occurs when food becomes contaminated by microorganism, viruses and alternative germs, making those who consume the contaminated food very ill. 

A safe and hygienic workspace also prevents us from may harmful diseases. And if you have got a clean space then obviously your food will never be contaminated by bacteria and fungus.

About Free Online Quiz Competition on the Awareness of World Food Safety Day 2021

So, by considering the importance and  build individuals aware of Food Safety, BPHE Society’s Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Science Association organized this online quiz competition for healthy tomorrow. It aims to prevent people from foodborne diseases and take correct action towards individual’s health.

So, its a immense contribution by BPHE Society’s Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Science Association, so you should participate and raise the action towards food safety 2021. You will get a plenty of knowledge by taking this quiz and also get free certificate from this recognized association. This is totally free of cost for you.

Organization NameBPHE Society’s Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Science Association
OccasionWorld Food Safety Day 2021
Quiz ModeOnline Quiz Competition
BenefitsGet Verified Certificate from BPHE Society’s


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