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Hello Everyone, this article is to inform you that Online Quiz Competition with free online certificate where anyone can enroll for this e-quiz and can get certified for the same.
In this article we will inform you about an online quiz competition and you can get the certificate after completing the test.

About this Quiz

This Computer Skills, Operating System , Computer Organizational Architechture (COA) based online test is conducted/presented by S.TAMIL SELVAN M.Sc. (Physics), ARIVE AATRAL YOUTUBE CHANEL, COORDINATOR OF QUIZ PROGRAMMER and Co presented by TRP study circle Tiruttani.

Any engineer, developer, programmer, who wants to improve their Programming Skills, technical skills, analytics skills, whiteboard coding skills, computer fundamental skills, computer basic skills, they can give this test for free of cost and get free computer certificate after scoring 40% and above.

You can enhance your learning skills and test your knowledge in fundamentals of operating system, types of operating systems, functions of operating system. Don’t loose this opportunity and get free certificate and improve your technical skills.

Quiz NameOperating System (COA)
Passing Score40% and above
CertificateYES Free Certificate

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About Operating System

An open source Operating System(OS) is a computer software which manages the resources and hardware. This is a interface between the system hardware and users. OS is required to run the applications program and utilities.

Examples of Operating System- UNIX, MS-DOS, MS-Windows – 98/XP/Vista, Windows-NT/2000, OS/2 and Mac OS.

Receiving input from the keyboard, processing instructions, and sending output to the screen are all tasks performed by the operating system.

Properties of Operating System

The Properties of Operating System are:

  1. Batch processing
  2. Multitasking
  3. Multi-programming
  4. Interactivity
  5. Real-Time System
  6. Distributed Environment
  7. spooling

Various kinds of operating systems

There are various sorts of operating systems, which are classified according to their working procedure-

Serial Processing is an operating system that processes the process using the FIFO (First in First Out) approach.

Batch Processing: A comparable type of job is prepared and processed in batch processing.

Multi-Programming: In a multi-programming operating system, multiple programmes are run simultaneously on the system.

Real-Time System: Real-Time Systems are employed there because they require a faster and more accurate response.

Distributed Operating System: Data is stored and processed in multiple locations in this operating system.

Multiprocessing: If two or more CPUs are available in a single OS, then it is called Multiprocessing system.

Parallel operating systems: Parallel Operating Systems manage all of the computer system where the resources are running in parallel.

This Onlne Quiz Competition will helps you in cracking online interviews, this test will test your knowledge in basic operating system skills and you can also read these questions for your os interview. Join this Quiz for free and get free certificate. Apply Link is given below.


Ideally, This article should help you better understanding the Online Quiz Competition 2021 on the Fundamentals of Operating System. This will aid you in better understanding and clarifying your main ideas about how the operating system works in our system such as windows, linux, unix, mac os, etc, etc. If you found this material helpful, please share it with your friends and on social media so that they may also participate in the Online Quiz Competition 2021. Keep an eye on this blog, LetsCode1, for additional information about Internships, Job Opportunities, and Online Quiz Competitions.

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