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Hello, Readers! There is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to receive a free Certificate. Individuals, people, society, across India, or across the world/globe, can participate in a free online quiz competition to create awareness of National CyberSecurity Month. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge, as well as a chance to put their knowledge to the test.

The internet and social media have become an inseparable part of our lives and the lives of our children. While gen-Z possesses the technological know-how, they lack the maturity and analytical thinking required to deal with cyberspace’s vulnerabilities, putting them at risk of falling prey to online predators or indulging in criminality. As a result, it is critical that we educate and guide them in developing a healthy and useful online presence. The most crucial and significant tool for prevention is awareness.

Nowadays, Cybersecurity is the most emerging and in-demand skill and most companies are looking for Cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals to work with them.

About this Quiz Competition

Karaikal Polytechnic College(KPTC) is conducting Free Online Quiz Competition on the eve of National Cybersecurity Month to raise awareness among people about Web Security, Email Security, Privacy Protection, System Settings, Cloud Security, Payment Security, Password Security, Social Media Safety, and Network Security, etc.

In this Quiz Competition, you will find Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) questions on the basis of Cybersecurity, and all questions are compulsory to attempt. And after completion of this quiz competition, you will get Free Cybersecurity verified certificate if you score well.

Why is Cyber Security Awareness so Important?

Any cybersecurity expert will tell you that one of the most difficult tasks is dealing with people. A data breach or hack detected early can save a company’s reputation, money, and credibility. Recognizing early warning indicators and responding before major damage is done is often the most effective approach to avoid a data breach.

Employee cyber security training is a wonderful first step, but it should not be taken only once.

Many organizations have been forced to activate their business continuity plans and migrate to remote working as a result of recent events. However, anecdotal data suggests that as a result, the number of cyber-attacks has increased.

To avoid potential data breaches, it is critical for firms, particularly small and medium businesses, to encourage cyber security knowledge among both onsite and remote personnel.

Who can Apply?

Anyone can attend this online quiz competition who is eager to earn knowledge or willing to test their knowledge on cybersecurity, who is a cybersecurity enthusiast, or who wants to build their career in this Cybersecurity, it’s a great way to kickstart their career.

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