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Hello Learners, Today we come along with Free Online Quiz Competition 2021 on Machine Design, one of the subjects of Machine Engineering Students. This quiz is like a practice sets for Machine Design, especially designed for Mechanical Engineering students to test their knowledge of Machine Design.

About this Quiz Competition

In this Online Quiz Competition, you will get 15 MCQs questions based on Machine Desgin, good opportunity to test your knowledge and wisdom. After completion of this quiz, you will immediately get your e-quiz certificate in your mail id. Machine Design is the basic of Mechanical Engineering Course.

About Machine Design/ Define Machine Design

Machine design is the process of selecting materials, shapes, sizes, and configurations of mechanical pieces in order for the final machine to complete the task. OR Machine Design is the process of developing new and improved machines as well as enhancing current ones.

Types of Machine Design

Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design is one of the most basic but extensively utilised methods of machine design. Consider the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel.” Often, there is an existing machine component or design element that has been widely adopted that could be adapted to suit your needs. Adaptive Design takes basic elements and adjusts them somewhat to make them more appropriate for a certain purpose. Engineers and corporations can save time and money by modifying existing technology, which is frequently significantly more effective than trying to design a part from scratch.

Developmental Design

As similar to Adaptive Design concepts and technologies, Developmental Design adds or integrates new machine pieces and components to produce something distinct. The motorcycle, which is essentially a marriage of a bicycle and a combustion engine, is a popular example in Developmental Design. Although the motorbike represents a significant advancement in manufacturing technology and machine design, it is built on the foundation of pre-existing mechanical pieces.

New Design

The vast majority of machine design will fit into one of the two categories above, but new and unique parts and technology are always being developed. These one-of-a-kind inventions would be classified as New Design, in which engineers and designers create something completely unique. This is significantly less common, and it frequently necessitates a significant amount of time, money, and research. Because we live in a world of shared information and technology, it is usually more productive and efficient to adapt what already exists. However, with the correct idea and experience, elements in the New Design area can be incredibly profitable and useful to the industrial industry as a whole.

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