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Hello Learners, this post is to inform you about the Online Quiz Competition 2021 of Online Learning Techniques. This e-quiz competition is totally free of cost✅✅✅ for everyone. And anyone from any class, university students, high school students, primary school students, teachers, assistant professors, principal of any college, school, etc. can participate in this Online Quiz Competition. And After completion of this e-quiz, if you pass the test, then you will get free certificate for that.

About this Quiz Competition-

Online Quiz Competition on the topic “Online Learning Techniques” is organized in the view of creating or raising awareness amongst students, teachers, professors, principal, head of the department, or any post professionals, about Online education , classes, etc.

Nowadays, we are well aware of that classes are going online, students are attending classes through online video conferencing, teachers, professors are teaching online due to this pandemic.

Government announced lockdown and closed all institutes, colleges, universities, schools, offices, industry, etc., as because our health always be our first priority. And due to this, all things, such as classes, meetings are going online.

We know that all parents cannot afford their online data charges as well as one android phone, so that their children will attend online classes. Many students are facing these issues. But due to pandemic, and safety of all individuals, we have to maintain social distancing. So, offline classes cannot held until the situation will be undercontrolled.

Learning is the part of every successful person. Online Learning techniques uses Online meet video conferencing meet such as Google Meet, Zoom meet, Jitsi, Webex Meet, etc., Online classrooms, such as Google Classroom, Moodle, etc, uses these plaforms for conducting successful online class.

Online learning techniques provides much more flexibility to both students and teachers. It provides more independency to learn at peace from anywhere at anytime. It allows students to access the learning material from anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of online learning/teaching-


Students have freedom and have the opportunity to shuffle their career and school since they aren’t attached to a fixed timetable. In a conventional classroom setting, class meeting times are set, and the students has no control over this, driving them to work their timetables around these dates. The vast majority who pick internet learning will in general have different responsibilities, and favor this method of learning as it gives them control over how they will appoint their time towards their various activities.

Networking Opportunities

Online training likewise gives understudies the opportunity to connect with peers across countries or even various main lands. This regularly prompts different freedoms as far as cooperation with others in the execution of a venture. Simultaneously, it makes them socially delicate and ready to find a way into different conditions handily given their openness to different societies.


All the data that you will need will be securely put away in an online information base. This incorporates things like live conversation archives, preparing materials and messages. This implies that if there’s consistently anything that should be explained, the understudy will actually want to get to these reports quick, saving significant time. This is particularly valuable for people that need to do explore for a project and present their discoveries to a board.

Expanded Instructor – Student Time

Understudies in conventional homerooms may not stand out enough to be noticed they need to have ideas explained. Despite the fact that class sizes are little at CCA, most schools have classes of understudies that number in the hundreds. This isn’t an issue for this sort of schooling on the grounds that online directed conversations and individual talk time with their educators and teachers is a sign of online classes. This builds the odds of an understudy performing admirably because of the time their teachers give them. This likewise upgrades their critical thinking and relational abilities, just as realizing how to safeguard their contentions to bosses if necessary.

Admittance to Expertise

An online advanced degree may give understudies admittance to specific degree courses that may not be accessible in an effectively open or nearby foundation of learning. Online classes permit the sharing of aptitude that assists more with peopling approach schooling that isn’t promptly accessible in certain geographic areas.


Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you understanding about this online quiz competition 2021 of Online Learning Techniques, is totally free of cost✅✅✅ for everyone. Anyone can participate in this online quiz competition and get your verified certificate after passing this test. If this article will help you in anyway then don’t forget to share this with your friends and colleagues or on social media. If you want more latest updates about free online quiz competition, internships, job opportunities, webinars, pledge, workshops, then follow our blog LetsCode1 and get updated yourself daily.

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