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Hello Folks, this post is to inform you about the Online Quiz Competition for totally free of cost. Great opportunity to test your skills in General Knowledge, improve your skills and knowledge. Participate in this Online Quiz Contest to get free Certification. Here, is a quick fun quiz, how you well know Medical Related Field.  

About this Quiz Competition

This Online Quiz Competition in India is organized by Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Research Association. In this Online Quiz Contest, you will get MCQs related questions based on General Pathology. And all participants will get a Free Quiz e-certificate.

We conceptualize, promote & execute online quiz engagement campaigns & competitions for Medical Colleges Students and other students & corporates organized by companies & institutes.

About General Pathology

The study of the mechanisms underlying cell and tissue injury, as well as understanding how the body responds to and repairs harm, is referred to as general pathology. Necrosis, neoplasia, wound healing, inflammation, and how cells respond to harm are some of the topics that could be investigated. The diagnosis of the disease relies on a thorough comprehension of these topics. Anatomical and clinical pathology is often referred to as General Pathology.

Pathology is covered in this topic but at a less specialized level. A general pathologist would be educated in fields such as hematology and clinical chemistry, as well as laboratory analysis. They would, however, have less in-depth expertise than someone who focuses on one of these professions.

  • Pathology literally means “disease research” or “disease discourse.”
  • Pathology is the discipline of medicine that deals with the fundamental nature of illness, particularly alterations in bodily tissues and organs that cause or are affected by disease (Dorland).
  • Pathology is the study of disorders in the body’s fluids, cells, tissues, and organs from a molecular, biochemical, functional, and morphological perspective. Pathology is the study of the functional and structural changes in the body’s tissues and fluids during disease (Thomson, 1984)

Types Of Pathology

Anatomical pathology, clinical pathology, and molecular pathology are the three main categories of pathology. Pathology is a broad field since there are so many distinct diseases and techniques of investigating diseases. These subgroups can be further broken down into even more precise divisions.

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