Free Government Certificates in 2021 | Government E-Pledge For The Betterment Of Our Environment

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Nowadays, on this polluted earth, where vehicles are a part of our life, vehicles are the most essential way to travel, transportation, etc which harms our environment through air pollution, sound pollution, noise pollution, etc.

The fast-growing global vehicle formation is a major contributor to air pollution and weather change; globally, the transport area is responsible for nearly a quarter of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only does Vehicle Affect our Environment but various factors are there which affect our peaceful environment. And further, we will discuss 5+ Ways to help and save the environment.

Majhi Vasundhara #Epledge is taken an initiative by the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. Of Maharashtra to connect with every individual, every citizen at a peculiar level and motivates them to take a collaborative and conscious effort towards the betterment of our environment, to save our environment for the future.

The pledge encourages that folks take tiny activities or make small changes in their daily lives. These modest actions/changes, if correctly implemented and done on a daily basis, can add up to a significant shift in the surroundings.


Free Government Certificates

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