Free Environment Certificate | Government Approved Certificate in 2021

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Hello Everyone, this post is to inform you about a free environment certificate on this environment science day. This is a great initiative by the government to raise awareness about the pollutants environment which is harmful to your society, affects our health, leading to various diseases. So, in this environment day, we need to take a pledge to make our environment pollution-free.

By far the best insurance/health insurance for the survival and well-being of current and future generations of humans and ecosystems is a pollution-free globe. Many case studies show that addressing pollution has already resulted in various advantages, even if present measures are still limited and ineffective.

There are many such pollutions such as air pollution, sound/noise pollution due to vehicles, soil pollution, etc. We need to save earth, save the environment and make our globe environment-friendly.

About this Pledge

Our Sanatan culture considers not only human beings but the whole universe as the vast form of God. God is subtly enshrined in this vast form. According to Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Sanatan means that which cannot be destroyed by fire, water, weapons. which is present in every living being. There is only our culture in the whole world, which sees a person as a family by connecting the family to the family and the society to the world. Hinduism is not just a religion but a scientific way of life. The roots of our culture are so sophisticated and comprehensive that the scientific analysis of each of our actions is self-evident.

The major mountains here are considered to be the abode of the gods. Cow, dog, rat, elephant, lion and even poisonous Nagraj are also worshiped. The first roti is taken out for the cow and the last one for the dog. Give flour to the ants. For the birds and crows, grain and water are kept on the eaves of the house. Mahadev, the god of gods, is pleased with bilva leaves and datura. The festival of Vat Purnima and Amla Gyaras is celebrated. Maa Saraswati loves yellow flowers, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, loves lotus and rose flowers. Ganesh ji gets pleased with Durva.

Each deity also gives the message of protection of various components of nature ranging from animals, birds and trees, and plants. Lord Shri Krishna had started the law of worshiping Govardhan because there was an immense wealth of nature on Govardhan mountain. The arrangement of food and water for the cows of Mathura’s Gopalkas was on the same mountain.

Let us return to our traditions and worship nature.

A special program of worship of nature has been organized by Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation and Environmental Activity on 29th August 2021 for the protection of environment-forest and the entire creation of life in the whole of India. You should take a pledge to conserve nature by worshiping nature with your family members in your home.

Participate in this pledge and take a good initiative to save our environment from various pollution and get free online government certification in just 2 minutes. Apply Link is given below.

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