Environment Day 2022 Pledge | Free Pledge Registration, Free Pledge Certificate

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TAGLINE : "Clean The Environment. Protect The Environment."

Hello Friends, Today we come up with a new opportunity for you to get a Free e-certificate. Participate in Environment Pledge and clean your surroundings by throwing garbages in the dustbin, avoiding deforestation, making environment-friendly surroundings, and protecting you and your beloved ones from various harmful diseases which are coming from Waste Management.

Take Pledge and Get Free Pledge Certification.

I do Pledge that…

  • I will use Environment-friendly electronic gadgets and devices.
  • I will dispose my E-Waste responsibly through a responsible recycler.
  • I will promote E-Waste management with myself, my family, in my locality, my city or village and at my workplace.
  • I will spread awareness about E-Waste management to protect the human health and environment.
  • I will work towards making India E-Waste free.
  • I will find ways to transform ‘Waste into Wealth’.
  • I will encourage 10 other people to take this pledge which I am taking today.
  • I will spread the message of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.’
For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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