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Hello Folks, Today we come along with a new opportunity for everyone to participate in Covid-19 Awareness Free Online Quiz Competition 2021. It’s time to get up and test your knowledge about Covid-19 and Biodiversity. Discover the Essential COVID19 Protocols and Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe. Moreover, the participants will get a chance to enhance their skills and protect themselves and their family with Covid-19 protocols, which helps you to live your life Covid Free.

About this Quiz

This Quiz competition is conducted by M.L.K. (P.G.) College Balrampur (U.P.) in collaboration with Asian Biological Research Foundation (ABRF) Prayagraj, India. This Online Quiz Competition with e-certificates based on Covid-19 and Biodiversity and all questions are of Multiple Choice Question type. And all questions are compulsory to solve. And if you get a good score, you will get Free Verified Government Approved Certificates.


COVID-19’s appearance has highlighted the fact that destroying biodiversity destroys the system that supports human life. The more biodiverse an ecosystem is, the more difficult it is for a single virus to spread quickly or dominate; on the other hand, biodiversity loss allows pathogens to transfer from animals to humans.

Deforestation, encroachment on wildlife habitats, intensive agriculture, and the acceleration of climate change have all disrupted nature’s delicate equilibrium. We’ve tampered with the system that would normally defend us, and we’ve created conditions that allow infections to spread, including coronaviruses.

Today, it is estimated that coronaviruses cause around one billion cases of illness and millions of deaths worldwide each year; and approximately 75% of all developing infectious diseases in humans are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted to people by animals. Nature is trying to communicate with us.


COVID-19 gives us the chance to reassess our relationship with nature while also rebuilding a more environmentally conscious world. Addressing the emergence of zoonotic diseases necessitates addressing the fundamental cause, which is essentially the impact of human activity. As the world’s population approaches ten billion people, we must have a greater understanding of the web of life in which we exist and comprehend how it works as a unified system. It’s past time for us to rethink our relationship with nature and place it at the center of our decision-making.

The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting people from all walks of life. Conservation biologists, like everyone else, are concerned about how the epidemic will effect their families, friends, and people all around the world. But we also have a responsibility to consider how it will effect the world’s biodiversity and our ability to protect it, as well as how it will affect conservation researchers’ and practitioners’ training and careers. As editors of Biological Conservation, we’ve heard from colleagues, authors, and reviewers all across the world about the issues they’re dealing with, as well as their concerns for their students, staff, and research projects.

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