Computer Free Certification | Basic of Computer Quiz 2021

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Are you up to date with the digital world? Computers are now considered a need rather than a luxury item. Do you agree with me? How well are you coping with technological advancements and the latest gadgets? Why don’t you put your “Basic Computer Skills” to the test first? Are you ready to be put to the test?

Hello Folks, there is a great opportunity for everyone to test their basic or fundamental skills in Computers and technologies. Computer skills are very important everywhere. If you have basic computer skills, then you can earn money easily, as there will be a high requirement of computer skills candidates.

Basic of Computer Quiz 2021

Quiz NameBasics Of Computer Quiz
Conducted ByIronix Solutions
Quiz LevelBeginner
Benefits1 Lesson (on-demand video)
Access TimeFull-Time Access

People new to using computers can take the following quiz. It asks the most basic questions regarding basic operations about the computers

In today’s world, having a basic understanding of computers is essential. In practically every competitive exam or online test, it is one of the most significant components. We’ve compiled a list of basic computer questions to help you assess your knowledge. You will undoubtedly improve your abilities and knowledge of computer systems and their operation after taking this quiz.

Importance of Basics Computer Knowledge

In schools, the home, and the workplace, computers and computer devices have become indispensable. Many students learn the fundamentals of computer use while still in high school. Students also learn skills including sending emails, conducting Internet research, producing word processing papers, and putting together presentations. When these basic computer abilities are used to process and present information, they help students succeed in college.

Word Processing

The ability to type and format documents is known as word processing. Many college courses ask you to provide information in the form of a word-processed report. It is critical not just to collect and analyze data, but also to present it in an understandable and appealing style. Many professors provide students with requirements for writing essays or reports, such as margin setup and line spacing. When writing college essays or reports, knowing how to use word processing software will save you time and frustration.


You’ll need basic email abilities to submit homework if you go to an online school. Many traditional college professors prefer that students submit their work via email. For college success, basic abilities such as how to access an email system and enter your username and password, as well as receiving, reading, creating, and sending email messages are essential.

Internet Research

For college students, the ability to conduct research on the internet is critical. Many courses demand you to conduct an in-depth study on a topic outside of the textbook. Knowing how to navigate the web using the Internet is an important ability to have because you must first know how to launch a browser before you can conduct searches. Understanding how to navigate to a certain website, browse through a webpage, click on a link, and use search engines will assist you in quickly and efficiently locating information.

Computer Ethics

Students who claim the work of others as their own are frowned upon by colleges. It is critical to learn not only how to operate a computer to perform Internet research, but also computer ethics. Copyright rules, plagiarism avoidance, citation of sources, and Internet etiquette will all aid you with your college studies.

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