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Nowadays, In this pandemic situation, everyone should follow the covid-19 guidelines to protect themselves and live happily at home. So, To Be Safe, To Be Protected, you must have the proper knowledge about taking care of yourself, your loved ones.

Hello Folks, this post is to inform you about the Free Medical Courses with Online Quiz. You will also have a chance to get Free Medical Certification and gain knowledge, enhance your skills.

About Medical Online Quiz Competition

Sri Guru Ram Das Institute Of Medical Research Association decided to launch COVID-19 Program for Home Health Aide. In this Online Quiz, you will get Multiple Choice Questions or Objective-Based Questions. All Questions are compulsory to attempt and questions will be based on Medical terms and terminologies. And after completion of this quiz contest, you will get Free Medical Certifications.

About COVID-19 Program for Home Health Aide

You might have questions if you have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and are caring for yourself at home or for a loved one who has COVID-19 at home. How can you recognize when you need emergency help? How long is it necessary to be isolated? What can you do to keep germs from spreading? How can you care for a sick loved one while managing your own stress? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Treatment at home

Most patients infected with COVID-19 will only have a slight sickness and will be able to recover at home. Symptoms may persist a few days, and those infected with the virus may recover in about a week. Rest, drink intake, and pain medicines are among the treatments used to alleviate symptoms.

Older folks and persons of any age who have pre-existing medical conditions, on the other hand, should contact their doctor as soon as symptoms appear. People are more likely to become very ill with COVID-19 because of these variables.

For yourself or a loved one, follow the doctor’s advice on care and home isolation. If you have any treatment-related questions, speak with your doctor. Assist the sick individual in getting groceries and prescriptions, as well as taking care of his or her pet if necessary.

It’s also crucial to evaluate the impact of caring for a sick person on your own health. COVID-19 may increase your risk of serious illness if you are older or have a pre-existing medical condition, such as heart or lung disease or diabetes. You might want to separate yourself from the sick individual and find someone else to care for them.

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