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Looking for a free computer certificate? Try our Basic Computer Certificate, which is available for download. This certificate is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of computers and improve their skills. Get started today and be ready for a new career in the future!

Hello Learners, Are you interested in learning about computers? Do you want to know more about computer applications? Then this quiz is for you!

It’s based on computer applications and will help you learn more about them. It even comes with a Free Computer Certificate!

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Online Quiz Competition: Computer Certificate Diploma

Computer applications quiz is an online quiz competition based on computer applications. It offers a Basic computer certificate for free to all winners.

The questions are based on computer applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.

Before Proceeding with the test, let me introduce you to computers, parts of computers, and computer applications in detail so that you would gain some knowledge about Computer Applications, and get a good score in this Online Quiz Competition With Free Certificate.

Introduction To Computers

Computers are electronic devices that process data in a structured way, using specific instructions called a program.

A computer is an electronic device used to process data, in small to extremely large amounts, in a structured way via a set of commands. The actual machinery — wires, transistors, and circuits — is called hardware; the instructions and data are called software.

What are Computer Programs?

A computer program is a set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. Programs are written in programming languages such as C, C++, and Java, compiled into object code (machine language), and then loaded into memory at runtime by the CPU.

Programs can also be stored on disk drives or other storage devices like CD-ROMs or hard disks; they may be transmitted over networks using protocols such as TCP/IP.

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About Computer Software & Hardware

Modern computers are electronic and digital. The actual machinery wires, transistors, and circuits are called hardware; the instructions and data are called software.

Hardware is a physical component of a computer (for example monitor, keyboard, hard drive). It provides input/output functions to carry out operations requested by software.

The Software includes all programs that manage devices within a computer system including operating systems such as Windows 10 or macOS Sierra etc., applications such as Wordpad but also applications like game engines like Unreal Engine 3 used to create games that run on these platforms

The software can be stored either in memory or on disks which are also considered hardware components.

About Computer Applications

Computer applications are programs that are designed to make your life easier. You can use them to store your personal information, create spreadsheets, and even play games. You might not think of computer applications as a thing you need, but they definitely exist!

You might not realize it, but you use them every day! Things like your browser, word processor, and spreadsheet were all made by companies that are helping you daily.


We hope this article was helpful in understanding the concept of a computer. And hope you participated in this online quiz competition and downloaded your computer certificate for free.

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