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Hello Learners, Today we come along with new opportunity for you, A National Level Technical Quiz Competition on RCC Structures and after completion of Quiz Competition, you will get free verified certificate. This Quiz Competition is totally free of cost, just utilize your knowledge in RCC Structures and test your knowledge.

About RCC Structures:

RCC represents Reinforced Cement Concrete and it is characterized as an improvement development which cutting-edge with the advancement of different development materials in the eighteenth century during the Industrial Revolution.

Modern Revolution procured new advancement which helped in the gathering of various materials. The Architect Le Corbusier used RCC for various turns of events. He acknowledged that any shape and construction was attainable; if RCC is to be used.

For instance, Notre Dame Du Haut, Ronchamp, France, and so on

What is RCC?

RCC suggests Reinforced Cement Concrete, i.e., substantial concrete upheld with steel bars, steel plates, steel organization, etc to grow the pressing factor withstanding cutoff of the development.

Cement can take up gigantic pressing factor yet weak in strain while steel is satisfactory in withstanding both strain and pressing factor.

Advantages of RCC construction:

  • Materials which is used in RCC construction are easily obtainable.
  • It is permanent and long lasting.
  • It is resistant to fire and not attacked by fleas.
  • It is cost effective in ultimate cost.
  • The reinfоrсed соnсrete member саn Nаtiоnаl Level Teсhniсаl Quiz оn RСС Struсtures is оrgаnized by Deраrtment оf Сivil Engineering, KLEF whiсh is tоtаlly free оf соst аnd аlsо yоu will free e-сertifiсаte be саst tо аny shарe beсаuse оf the fluidity оf соnсrete mаteriаls.
  • Its monolithic character gives much hardness to the structure.
  • Maintenance cost is zero.

About Quiz Competition:

A National Level Technical Quiz on RCC Structures is organized by Department of Civil Engineering, KLEF which is totally free of cost and also you will free e-certificate. Great opportunity for Civil Engineering Students to test their knowledge on RCC Structure.

Quiz NameNational Level Technical Quiz on RCC Structures
Organized byDepartment of Civil Engineering, KLEF
DeаdlineFeel Free to Access Anytime


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